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Lanier Islands in Buford, GA CAT 4 Tube Slide is a custom summer tubing slide that features mSnow's artificial snow surface and commercial snow tubes. Participants ride down the 300 foot lanes, which are separated by our patented Bumper Tubes, over a thrilling roller, and finally out on a floating dock where they splash land for an exciting finish! Our dry slope surface made for a durable, year-round addition to Lanier's existing awesome water park and adventure center. The manufactured panels were shipped to the site for assembly onto an engineered wood timber structure.


Breck Tubing

Breckenridge installed a Kid's Tube Slide with exciting banked turns that allows children to traverse across the hill and back to the bottom of their existing conveyor lift. If it weren't for these custom engineered tubing lanes featuring our fake snow surface and super smooth patent-pending adjustable corners, summer tubing would not have been possible on this small geographic area. The project was a complete success and this new Tube Slide was one of the most-liked attractions at Breckenridge during the Summer!

Brian Head

Brian Head

Brian Head, UT installed a pair of exhilirating 450 foot Bumper Tubing lanes to add to their list of Green Season Revenue producing activies. These lanes feature a pair of our basic portable starting decks to give participants an inviting area to load tubes and dispatch into the lanes. On fast days, speeds can top 30 mph, but ample slow down region brings them to a safe stop at the bottom. Brian Head made use of their existing winter tubing park, conveyor lift, and hard-bottomed commercial snow tubes to add this attraction to their summer portfolio.


Gunstock, NH is benefitting from another pair of mSnow's 300 foot Bumper Tubing lanes. These lanes are portable and are placed for summer ops and stored during winter ops. mSnow's patented Bumper Tubes are simple to roll up for storage, yet are made from the same high-quality durable vinyl commonly used in outdoor ski area padding. They make use of Tube Wax to increase speeds on hot, dry days. One of the most important features of all of our artificial snow tubing lanes is that we require no water irrigation. When Tube Wax is used, instead of water, the mSnow synthetic ski surface resists dirt build up commonly found with other lubricants. Tube Wax is cheap, easy to apply, doesn't build up or attract dirt, and does not contaminate conveyor lifts.

mSnow Bumper Tubing Peoples Choice Award

Adam and Luke Schrab, the skiing entrepreneuers behind mSnow, won the People's Choice Award at the Innovation Showcase at the NSAA National Show in 2014. Approxiately a dozen companies presented their innovations in 3 minutes or less in an energy-filled auditorium. After the presentations, the audience voted for their favorite via cell phone. The twin brothers' memorable presentation was enough to win this prestigious award!

mSnow Chairlift Ramp

mSnow Commercial in its 5th season at Timber Ridge Ski Area, MI. This mSnow has had over one million edges cut into it. We replaced 5% of the tiles after season 3 only in the high wear areas. UV has not yet begun to degrade the mSnow and it has never been covered in the summer. (Cover mSnow when not in use to prolong its life.) We currently have 26 chairlift ramp installations across the US and Canada with numerous repeat customers after their first season. Covering ramps is a win-win, it saves labor for employees during ramp maintenance and raking, minimizes snow cat hours getting snow into place each night, and adds consistency to your ramps, which minimizes the chances of injury during loading and unloading.

mSnow Backyard on Loading Ramp

mSnow Backyard is being used at numerous ski areas for lower-cost loading ramp insurance: saves the ramp and customer's skis, resulting in less negative experiences. It also provides a constant loading height, while also making it easier for the lift operator to maintain the ramp. You can rake or shovel snow from the mSnow, but do not stab or hammer at the ice as this can cause premature damage/wear.

Luke and Adam Recycling mSnow

Luke and Adam innovated a proprietary way of recycling used road construction barrels to produce the Backyard mSnow. Road barrels are normally thrown in the landfill because normal recyclers don't seek this plastic for regular recycling. Barrels are difficult to recycle becuase of the amount of left-over bolts and concrete splatters. Since developing this process, mSnow has saved over 15,000 barrels from the landfill!

mSnow Bumper Tubing at Vail

Patent pending mSnow Bumper Tubing at Summer Ops 2014 at Vail. CHS Snowmakers teamed up with mSnow to provide this 100-foot demonstration lane. First-time participants to mSnow Bumper Tubing always comment as to how slippery the mSnow is. We have many years of reasearch into high-tech plastic lubricants. We also sell Tube Wax, a non-messy solution for the problem of slow tubes on hot days.

mSnow NSAA Booth

mSnow Bumper Tubing Booth at NSAA National show in Savannah, GA in 2014. The entire tubing slope shown here is supported on an inflatable structure made with our super durable 18oz vinyl.

mSnow Tubing Jump into Airbag

mSnow was used on a very large jump for tubers to launch themselves into an airbag. With mSnow, this type of setup could be used year round to get non-experts airborne in a safe way.

Adam Aluminum mSnow Jump Fabrication

Adam sits atop a portable freestyle ramp he designed and built for a special backyard customer. This jump can be broken down and moved without any equipment. It also has removable lip sections that allow for quick adjustment of the takeoff, thereby changing the height and takeoff angle of the jump. This adjustability allows skiers and snowboarders to progress their tricks more quickly with lower risk of catastrophic injury.

mSnow and Twin Tow Installation

Construction process of a permanently-installed indoor training jump with integrated TwinTow and mSnow surface.

mSnow Backyard Setup

mSnow backyard setup. This is our most common use for the orange backYard mSnow. Kids usually design their own dropin and rail, build it and then install mSnow on the surfaces. A setup like this one can be used for years without any significant wear. This type of setup has allowed many kids to progress their skills far beyond what the short ski season would offer. They also are able to advance quickly with lower risk for injury because they stay in shape throughout the summer. The transition from mSnow to real snow in the winter is always a welcome one. Althouth no artificial ski surface can mimic real snow perfectly, mSnow is simply the best when it comes to feel and carvability. We regularly receive unsolicited emails about how well our product works and how much it has changed the lives of the people that use it. This is also validated through regular repeat customers.

Adam "tests" a large rail while Luke watches during the setup of Inspired Sound Sessions at Timber Ridge Ski Area, MI. This event brought together Tanner Hall, Zion Lion (a local reggae band), and skiers and snowboarder from all over Michigan. With mSnow, you can literally re-open a small terrain park weeks after the snow melts. For this event, we made use of large, commercial terrain park features to provide athletes an unparalled summer freestyle experience.



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